Reinventing Company Culture in Hybrid Mode

Uncover valuable candid employee input with customized hybrid-centric surveys and one-on-one interviews developed for key groups.

How can your workforce stay motivated and productive in a hybrid / flex mode? You won’t know for sure unless you ask for feedback.

Really Connect With Employees: What Are They Thinking? 

By trusting employees to do their work where and when they do it best, productivity and company culture will benefit.

With a deep-dive feedback plan, genuine knowledge gained directly from employees can contribute to a solid hybrid plan that is supported by all levels.

Learn helpful viewpoints on topics like:

  • Level of employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Hybrid / flex processes that enable productivity and efficiency
  • How company culture is being maintained or changed
  • Collaboration and communication software tools
  • Micromanaging or isolation issues; leadership feedback

Use valuable employee input to keep an eye on how ever-changing work modes are affecting overall productivity, motivation levels and company culture.


1. Overview 

Employees have proven they can be highly productive when working remotely, and can offer valuable input for your hybrid plan. Learn from them what worked and what didn’t in a comprehensive way. Uncover back-to-the-office concerns (and suggestions) through this confidential, small group interview and survey program.

2. Group Kickoff 

Topics of concern are addressed within the group. These can include team issues, work schedules, preferred number of in-office days, work-personal life balance, autonomy, flexibility and safety. Constructive suggestions will be noted and will contribute to an evolving hybrid work plan. They also set the tone for one-on-one interviews.

3. 1:1s

According to a recent ADP study, (People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View), 64% of workers would consider quitting if asked to return to the office full time. One-on-one private interviews allow honest concerns and specific issues to be expressed, with safe listening being imperative to gain usable insights. 


4. Hybrid Survey

Following the interviews, an extensive virtual survey will cover relevant hybrid topics, such as  communication, safety, flexibility and culture. This survey is designed to give leadership the insight required to create a successful hybrid model. The participation of your workforce is critical for a plan with widespread support.

5. Finale

A comprehensive report of the interview overviews and survey results will be provided to guide leadership on ways to develop a hybrid plan with strong support from the workforce. Results of the findings will be a helpful supplement for changes to scheduling, culture, communications and the workspace.



The program is designed for a select group of up to 10 individual workers and has an expected duration of about 4-6 weeks (timing dependent on client availability).  Deliverables include survey results and a narrative overview report. The standard program price begins at $8,500. Although the standard program should provide enough helpful information for an overall hybrid model plan, programs can be customized to your company’s specific needs.

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The Great Disconnect: Many More Employers Than Workers Want To Return To Offices” The pandemic gave workers a chance to sample a remote shift, allowing increased autonomy and flexibility and many want it to continue. Leadership in some companies, however, are mandating rigid return-to-work policies. This disconnect can only be solved by a hybrid compromise.  Workers who don’t have their issues addressed (insufficient flexibility, inadequate technology, burnout, etc.) often decide to simply quit and move on. Click for Forbes article.

About Hybrid Work Culture

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After many years (and years) of working in both traditional corporate and start-up tech environments, Chris Sidner has accumulated a repertoire of relationship building and the ability to cultivate trust in a variety of cultures. With these skills, along with an agile mindset and attitude, she can effectively provide third-party deep dive outcomes for companies who would like to incorporate the needs and desires of their workforce when developing their Hybrid Work Model plans.

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